Registered Psychologist, Alberta (#6124).

Registered Psychologist, Psychology Board of Australia (1994-2020).


I provide counselling and coaching for individuals, couples, groups and teams via my practice in Calgary.

I have been conducting professional and personal development workshops (endorsed by the Australian Psychological Society and International Coaching Federation, and more recently endorsed by Psychologists’ Association of Alberta) on topics of mental imagery and applied positive psychology since 2011; as well as in-house with organizations.

I have previously conducted stress management and performance psychology workshops and group coaching sessions with clients in the corporate sector such as IBM, Compaq, CBA and Roche Pharmaceuticals.


I am a practicing psychologist/coach with over 30 years of experience. My areas of practice include: counselling psychology, applied positive psychology, health and wellness, sport and performance psychology, and relationship related issues. I am former president of the Australian Psychological Society College of Sport Psychologists (2006-2008), and have extensive experience working with clients seeking to achieve health, well being, relationship, performance and professional goals, including Olympic and professional athlete, dancers, musicians, artists, writers, corporate clients, and others seeking to fulfil their potential and recover from major illnesses and injury.

Training & Research

I have a strong background in the mind/body/spirit relationship. Much of my training and practice draws from Behavioural Medicine that recognizes the mind/body/spirit links to health and wellbeing (and stress reduction). In fact, not only am I well trained in the area (in my over 10 years of post-graduate coursework), I have conducted research that has been published in academic journals (MSc thesis focussed on psychological factors in recovery from injury, and PhD Dissertation focussed on the effects of relaxation on Salivary Immunoglobulin-A. I conducted the immuno-assays myself manually.) I am also co-author of a chapter in a medical textbook.

University Teaching & Course Development

I am former adjunct professor at St Paul University in Ottawa on Positive Psychology; as well as coordinator for the Happiness and Positive Psychology course, a core component of the online Masters of Wellness program at RMIT University, and for which I have received special recognition for excellent teaching scores; and developed and taught several modules in the Positive Psychology and Coaching specialization at the Australian College of Applied Psychology, where I have also taught Psychology of Health and Wellness.

I formerly held a tenured position at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), where I developed and taught: Health Promotion; Current Issues in Health and Wellbeing, Youth Health, and Sport Psychology (1999-2009).

Prior to UTS, I developed and taught courses at the University of New South Wales (1996-1999); and prior to that in the Master of Psychology program at the University of Western Sydney (1994-1996).

I also developed and taught an Introduction to Sport Psychology course at Florida State University while I was completing my Ph.D. (1993-1994).

Book & Recordings

My book: Imagine: Using mental imagery to reach your full potential, was released in August 2013; with excerpts appearing in leading magazines. Recordings of the guided imagery scripts that appear in the book are also available (on Spotify and other outlets): Imagine Your Best Self Guided Imagery; Imagine Personal Best Guided Imagery; Inner Spa: Optimising Health and Wellbeing Guided Imagery; and Inner Sports: Mental Skills for Performance Enhancement.

Publication & Conference Presentation Highlights

I am a frequent presenter and panellist at professional conferences. I was honoured as finalist in the IPPA Avant Garde Intervention Challenge for the Rewriting History imagery strategy presented at the recent PP World Congress in Montreal (July 15, 2017) article publication. In 2016:  Keynote presentation to the Positive Psychology and Spirituality Conference (Ottawa, March 17-19, 2016) – Positive Psychology in Practice: Lessons from the coalface; and at the Canadian Positive Psychology Conference (Niagara Falls, June 15-17) – When There’s an Image There’s a Way. Previously: Canadian Positive Psychology Conference (Ottawa, July, 2014) – Mental Imagery Applied to Enhanced Wellbeing; World Congress in Positive Psychology (Los Angeles, June, 2013) – Mental Imagery Applied to Enhanced Wellbeing; on Stephen Palmer’s panel: Innovations in the use of technology in Coaching Psychology, International Congress on Coaching Psychology (Sydney, May, 2012); Presenter: Lessons from the dark side: Promoting the health benefits of smoke breaks (sans cigarette) to non-smokers in the workplace, Society of Behavioural Medicine Annual Conference (Montreal, April, 2009); Sport Psychology Perspectives on Success: Grinners are Winners, First Australian Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Conference (Sydney, 2008); Mental Imagery Applications to Coaching, Coaching Psychology Symposium (Sydney, 2008); Beyond Sport Psychology and Towards New Frontiers in Performance Psychology, APS Annual Conference (Hobart, 2008); and published in International Coaching Pyschology Review (March 2008): Applying sport psychology to business. And many more (see cv).

University Degrees

I obtained my PhD (Counselling Psychology major specializing in health and sport) at Florida State University (1994), following my MSc (Sport Psychology) from University of Ottawa (1988), and BA Hons (Psychology) at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada (1986).

Media Appearances

I have made frequent media appearances in print, radio, television, and magazines; and formerly a monthly columnist for the Australian Women’s Health & Fitness magazine (December 2011 – March 2013).