Inner Spa

Inner Spa Guided Imagery

These guided imagery exercises are designed to enhance your inner capacity to generate the wonderful feelings
associated with being at a spa retreat. Learn to harness
the cornucopia of your mind/body/spirit connection to
optimize your health and wellbeing.

Lydia Ievleva: Inner Massage 1. Inner Massage (music: Sporkeen Mist) (24:38) Guided
relaxation exercise derived from yoga based on the major
and minor chakra systems.

Lydia Ievleva: Inner Healing 2. Inner Healing (music: Joleyost) (17:00) Guided healing imagery to mobilize your body’s healing resources to the fullest.

3. Peak Experience Recall (10:30) Guided imagery exercise drawing upon your previous optimal experiences. Learn to recreate the associated positive feelings to enhance your state of mind in the present, and prepare for future
challenges and opportunities.

MP3 availability coming soon via iTunes and other outlets.