Law of Attraction vs Non-Attachment and Finding Your Sweet Spot

Written by Lydia | November 16, 2014

There is much talk about the law of attraction on the one hand, and the caution against (over) attachment to outcome on the other.

Confused?  It’s about knowing what you want, and then letting go of that desire—in order to get what you want.  More confused? The message is about maintaining a balanced perspective by setting your sights on your target (on your prize if you will); and letting go of the result as you actively pursue it and engage in the process. Any clearer?

The Key

Finding the right touch is key.  I liken it to holding a bar of soap.  Think about it?  If you hold on too tight (as many do when feeling desperate and trying too hard) what happens?  You drop it.  If you don’t hold on enough (when hesitant or too complacent)?  You drop it.  But holding on just right as you go about your business?  And you get to keep it—for as long as you decide you need and want it. This is something successful athletes know all to well.  If a player is too focussed on the consequence of what they’re doing while they’re doing it (i.e., too keen to achieve or too afraid they won’t)—they’ll falter.  If they try too hard—they blow it; if they hold back and don’t try enough— they risk missed opportunities.  Getting it just right is a performance skill. In the game of life—it takes practice and discernment to determine what is worth pursuing in the first place; and then finding the right touch as you pursue it. Finding your sweet spot is a life skill.

Key is to be aligned with your best interests, best self, best life; to mindfully strive towards fulfilling your potential and enabling others to do the same;  then allowing nature to take its course and adjusting accordingly; savouring and appreciating the process and the lessons along the way.

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